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Corn Shark – Eat Up Corn Salads All Summer Long And Beyond


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Eat Up Corn Salads all Summer long WithCorn Shark. Why eat frozen or canned corn when you can eat them fresh off the cob?

Get your hands on Corn on The Cobs and make some deliciously sweet and spicy, tangy and crunchy Chilly Lime Corn Salad all summer long and beyond with the Corn Shark.

With its shark like teeth that are safe to the touch, Corn Shark can easily become your favorite new gadget in your kitchen. Get the corn kernels off the cob in no time and get them grillingat your pool party. No fuss tool, as it works on any size corn and collects all the kernels easily for you as you strip them off the cobs.

What are you waiting forget your teeth into Corn Salad with the Corn Shark today!


  • Stainless steel blades, safe to the touch.
  • Small enough to fit in palm of your hand.
  • Strips off the corn kernels quickly and easily.
  • Cleaning is easy, Dishwasher safe too.
  • It comes in Corn Yellow color.

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